PDF Download: Continental Blob Map Packet - Family License

A first step in learning to draw the world free-hand!

For families who are learning to draw the world from memory, here's a simple way to learn the basic forms of the continents in relations to the five major circles of latitude. Two versions of each map are included - one to use across an entire sheet of paper (for simply learning to do this freehand on a sheet of paper without a template) and another that uses a more accurate spacing for the major circles of latitude (since an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper is not wide enough for accurate spacing).

This comes as a formatted 13-page PDF digital download of the entire Continental Blob Mapping Packet for use within your family, along with simple instructions for use. A link to download the PDF Document will be automatically sent to the Paypal email address used at checkout.

Note: This resource is eligible for purchase through charter/public school programs.

This listing is for use within a single family. For class or co-op use, refer to our Blob Map - Community License.

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