America's Story Volume 3

A colorful Charlotte Mason-inspired journey through American history!

Since 1900, America has experienced a lot of changes - some good, some bad - and they all come to life in this engaging trip through history. The stories of exciting inventions and discoveries occur side-by-side with two world wars, the Great Depression, the turmoil of the 1960s, 9/11, and more. These events have shaped the nation we know today politically, economically, and culturally.

America's Story Volume 3 includes:

  • Stunning photographs, maps, and illustrations to engage students’ attention
  • Cultural connections that help students see their own connection with history
  • Important narratives that develop students’ understanding of historical events

Learn about the innovative mass production of Model T automobiles, the most famous shipwreck in modern history, war heroes who protected America and the world, the brave fight for freedom in the Civil Rights Movement, political contests, cultural trends, the advances of technology, and many other fascinating historical points!

This book is used in Units 5 & 6 of our Mission: Lasting Liberty curriculum.


Note: This resource is not eligible for purchase through charter/public school programs due to religious content.

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