Mission Faith Forgers Full Curriculum Package

A full year missions-based curriculum with an integrated study of church history, world geography,  and missions focusing on the history of Christianity from the early church to modern missions in Europe and Asia.

Join us as we recount the wondrous works God has done from the time of the early church to today! This full 36-week curriculum package for families with students in grades 2-8 (and beyond) provides an integrated study of Europe and Asia, including church history, missionary study, hymn study, fine arts, science, geography, and history.

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★★★★★ I am so in love with this curriculum and share it with all our friends. Mission: World Wonders & Mission: Faith Forgers have been the first programs I’ve found that have most simplified our journey and made me really love being a homeschool family. Thank you! – Niki

★★★★★ I’m more thankful than ever for your work putting this curriculum together. Earlier this year, we skipped some of the art projects when our time was needed at BSF, choir & soccer. Because our [homeschool] community is no longer meeting, we spent Friday “catching up” on a few of the art projects. It was fun to spend time getting messy & making art. Today we read about the hymn Under His Wings, which spoke to my weary heart. I’m so thankful to have something to keep us on track with school work that also encourages our hearts and reminds us that God is in control and nothing can thwart His plans. —Mindy

★★★★★ I deliberated a long time before purchasing this curriculum for my son. I knew it had so many great books in it, and the author Brandy Ferrell had done all the work of planning each lesson for me, which is very handy for a busy homeschooling mama. And it had a mission focus, which I was wanting to incorporate into our home culture. It even aligned nicely with the studies we are doing this year with our homeschool co-op. A total win, right? So why was I hesitating to get it? Here’s the truth: I was scared that I wouldn’t follow through and actually do the work. Our lives are very full right now and I just didn’t know if I could be disciplined enough to do a structured science, music, art and geography curriculum. I barely can get math, language arts, piano, our memory work, chores, and read-alouds in every day. Could I really do more? So I deliberated and put off making a decision until 1 month ago. And then I decided to go for it. And I am so glad I did! This curriculum has been so easy to implement without any extra planning or prep for me. We are learning so much about the early church and individuals involved in spreading the gospel, and the best part is that we are learning about and praying for other cultures and countries as a result. The whole family is loving the devotions and read-alouds and it is bringing us together as a family. It definitely has filled in the gaps we had and enriched our culture at home as well. I am so glad I finally took the plunge and purchased it! ❤️ Thanks Brandy Ferrell of Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood. This has far exceeded my expectations and we are so blessed by it! —Ferne

★★★★★ Before stumbling upon Brandy’s World Missions curriculum last year, homeschooling with my three children became dull and monotonous. I had a deep longing to bring more gospel-centered truth and LIFE to our day to day. If I wanted to make disciples, I needed inspiration. I have been doing Classical Conversations for over 8 years but I didn’t want our time at home to be about memorizing facts (although important); and trudging along our various subjects. While working through World Wonders, our hearts and minds are filled with memories of learning all about Africa & Asia with real life brave Christian heroes who have fleshed out Christianity, creating African masks out of cardboard, geography (pretty impressed that my six year old knew all of Africa & Asia!), hymn study, nature walks, and gathering around the table to pray for these various countries. I could share so much more of what we learned but if you are on the fence of purchasing this curriculum or Brandy’s current one, don’t hesitate. Her plans are laid out very organized and easy to follow. Plus there is flexibility to change it up according to the needs of your family. We are currently on Unit 2: Week 1 of her Faith Forgers curriculum and I can already see the changes in my kids as we study church history, do art, study Europe, and enjoy conversation together. I give thanks to God for using Brandy and her husband’s gifts to enrich our homeschooling journey! – Shilo

★★★★★ We have enjoyed the Mission: Faith Forgers curriculum this year! With three boys my favorite time of the day is the time when we just sit and read together. It is the only “mostly” peaceful time of our day. 🙂 We can’t wait to purchase Lasting Liberty for next year. —Katy

★★★★★ Was talking to a CC friend & we were talking about how much were enjoying Mission: Faith Forgers!!…(& how we hope you have a new one for cycle 3, hint hint) 😊😉 —Vanessa

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