CC Reading Correlations PDF - SOTW, MOH, Scholastic Match-Ups

Reading correlations for CC Cycle 1, Cycle 2, and Cycle 3 - Foundations Guide 4th and 5th Editions!

Read about historical figures and events related to each week of each cycle of the Classical Conversations Foundations Program.  This document provides a match-up of the history and science memory work to specific reference books that can assist you in fleshing out the memory work over the course of the year. Both 4th and 5th edition correlations are included in this document.

This 6-page PDF document includes reading correlations for the Classical Conversations Foundations Program: Cycle 1, Cycle 2, and Cycle 3 - Foundations Guide 4th and 5th Editions. Chapter/Lesson and/or page numbers from the following books are correlated to the weekly history memory work:

Science memory work correlations are also provided from Scholastic's Everything You Need to Know about Science Homework (2005 edition). For Cycle 3, a match-up is provided for Lyrical Life Science, Volume 3.

Also includes our 24-week memory work review plan.

No memory work or memory work topics are included in this document.

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Format: 6-page PDF document

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